Regulation of limited liability companies

The Danish Companies Act 2010 introduced major changes to the former regulation in the area, including with regard to company formation, a new corporate form (entrepreneur companies), shares, corporate governance, registration of shareholders, capital contribution, financing of third-party share purchases in the company, liquidation as well as mergers and demergers.

Reimer Legal advises and acts as a trusted adviser on the application of the Act in the day-to-day dealings of the business sector. In our experience, companies find it very valuable to have a professional adviser by their side who knows the company and is available when needed, for instance for:

      • advice on formation of new companies or conversion of existing companies
      • advice on corporate governance
      • advice on ownership structure, including drafting of shareholders’ agreements
      • assistance with share capital changes (increases, reductions, etc.)
      • dialogue and filings with the Danish Business Authority
      • preparation of incentive schemes (warrants, stock options, employee shares, etc.)
      • advice on election of employee representatives to the board of directors
      • assistance with M&A
      • assistance with restructurings, mergers, demergers and liquidations
      • advice on management liability
      • advice on debt capital market transactions

We have more than 30 years of experience in advising corporate clients on company law. Through our work, we have gained deep insight into the Danish business sector and many industry-specific matters. Our company law experience spans widely, having advised all sizes of companies – from C20 companies to owner-managed SMEs and entrepreneurs looking to set up a company.


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