HR and employment law

HR managers must have a broad outlook to take in the increasingly regulated labour market with collective bargaining agreements as well as the extensive and complex employment law regulation. In addition, it is quite a task to stay at the forefront of case law developments.

In our experience, employers find it very valuable to have an adviser by their side who knows the business and is available when needed, for instance for:

  • acting as a trusted adviser on the challenges and issues arising on a day-to-day basis and to help the business to focus on the operational side of its activities
  • assistance when the business is looking to recruit, dismiss, restructure, formulate documents such as IT and email usage policies, privacy policies and staff handbooks
  • preparation of bonus and incentive schemes (warrants, stock options, employee shares, etc.) which are linked to strategy and also act as an incentive to employees
  • advice on employee and management issues in connection with business transfers
  • advice in connection with the election of employee representatives to the board of directors

Our legal expertise and experience have been gained from many years of private practice as well as from managerial positions in private-sector enterprises.In most cases, we succeed in settling disputes by negotiation. If a dispute is deadlocked, we will help resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently either before the courts or an arbitration tribunal or by taking the alternative route via mediation or in-court conciliation.


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