Who are we?

We are a modern law firm drawing on the 50 years plus experience of the two founders and owners. We act as advisers to the business sector and leave it to others to advise on private matters.

We aim to make complex law issues easier to comprehend and apply.

We aim to solve and not create problems, and in doing so we take a thorough but no less result-driven approach to the assignments entrusted to us.

We deliver fast, sustainable and well thought-out solutions. If you are looking for ”smart” solutions, Reimer Legal is not the answer. That is not our style and those who know us know that.

Personal relations are essential to us. Other people’s trust is something that must be earned and a constant goal of ours. We also find it important that we are able to trust our clients. Mutual trust is a prerequisite to a successful cooperation. That’s how we see it.

Industry knowledge

As legal advisers we are in contact with many businesses from different sectors and industries. That gives us a unique insight into the business sector and industry conditions. That knowledge is valuable in our advice, and often we are able to provide our clients with information about the conditions prevailing in other industries which may inspire and open up new opportunities and ways of doing things.

Our advice is focused on the following industries and sectors in particular:

  • Energy & utilities
  • IT and technology
  • Professional services
  • State-owned companies, public-sector enterprises and municipalities
  • The automotive industry
  • The financial sector
  • The media sector

Network – nationally and internationally

Having a strong network is essential to operating a business in today’s world. Networking is an efficient way of gaining knowledge about what is going on and we find that very inspiring. We participate actively in various professional as well as more business-oriented networks. We find it important to be able to make our network available to our clients and that again creates new relations and networks. For the benefit and good of everyone.

We know our limits in terms of capabilities. If specialist competences are needed for a specific assignment that falls outside our areas of expertise, we will discuss with the client whether to involve an industry colleague whom we know and trust. We have a legal network of considerable dimensions on which to draw.

Over the years, we have worked with many international colleagues, and it is a set priority of ours to cultivate our international network by participating in conferences, etc. That is why we have built up solid, non-exclusive international relations and are able to assist our clients in finding the right legal assistance in a number of countries.