Executive service agreements

The conclusion of a carefully drafted service agreement is an essential element in the commencement of a productive cooperation between a company and its executive officers. Important issues must be clarified, also in relation to applicable law. The goal is always to achieve a balanced contract which both parties are comfortable with. We believe it is very important in our advice to prevent conflict from arising.

Reimer Legal is highly specialized in drafting and negotiating service agreements which are tailored to suit the company’s business, industry and general market conditions as well as the executive’s knowledge and experience levels. We will ensure that the parties’ expectations are aligned during the contract negotiations and that all relevant issues are covered. Via the great number of service agreements we have negotiated over the years, we have gained valuable insight into a number of different industries, an insight which is of benefit to our clients.

In addition, we often assist in the development of executive incentive schemes linked to the company’s strategy and objectives.

We have particular expertise in the special regime governing remuneration practices in the financial sector.

On termination of employment, we often advise on the termination of the service agreement and are involved in the negotiations for a severance agreement. It is important for both parties to end the relationship in a professional and proper manner, and this goal is achieved for the majority of our clients.

If a dispute arises, we have tried-and-tested tools of negotiation and the experience to help our clients find a long-term solution. If the dispute reaches a deadlock, we will help resolve the dispute in a quick and efficient manner either before the courts or an arbitration tribunal or by taking the alternative route via mediation or in-court conciliation.


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