Dispute resolution and negotiation

Most businesses run into a dispute at some point, whether with employees, management, shareholders, business partners, customers, competitors, regulatory authorities or neighbors. We will assist, either by acting as a trusted adviser to the client or by representing our client in the dispute resolution process.

Our goal as well as experience is that, with the right effort and approach, most disputes can be resolved through negotiation, and we will help find a solution which both parties are comfortable with. And also often in a manner that will allow the parties to continue their dealings with each other.

We are trained in dispute resolution through negotiation as well as mediation. Our partner Jørgen Reimer Jensen is a qualified mediator, having completed the specialist Mediator Programme provided by the Association of Danish Law Firms. We are therefore also able to offer our services as mediators or conciliators in a dispute.

If the dispute is deadlocked and a legal resolution is required, we have the necessary expertise to represent clients before all Danish courts, arbitration tribunals, and administrative appeals bodies.

Jørgen Reimer Jensen has also completed the specialist program in litigation provided by the Association of Danish Law Firms.


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