Contracts and commercial law

A good contract is the foundation for a productive relationship between the parties. It is important to ensure the alignment of expectations with regard to the relevant elements of the contract. Material risks must also be identified and balanced.

Contract drafting, negotiation and interpretation are core services for us. We will always identify priorities in each individual situation to focus on the important issues, and will weigh the bargaining position together with our client. We will draft a plain language contract and include what is necessary, no more and no less.

We have special experience in contracts such as cooperation agreements, agency and distribution agreements, commercial real estate leases, leasing agreements, terms of business, secrecy agreements, acquisition agreements, partnership agreements, executive service agreements and employment contracts, consultancy agreements and shareholders’ agreements.

A large number of Danish companies or foreign companies with activities in Denmark have no in-house legal function with Danish law capabilities. As a result, they will often need a legal adviser to guide and consult. We have long-standing relations with many of our clients, having built a mutually strong relationship of trust with each client and gained deep insight into its business. We, therefore, act as the client’s trusted adviser on issues of a legal, commercial and strategic nature.

We know our limits in terms of competences and will turn to our legal network of considerable dimensions in Denmark as well as abroad if a legal issue falls outside the scope of our specialties.


Janie C. Nielsen
Partner, advokat (L), LL.M.
M + 45 3124 3094

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